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Organizational Data Analysis

jTask Pulse users can create and maintain a comprehensive Organization Data Analysis. The application incorporates industry best practice templates and the ability to customize fields for customer specific data requirements.

What does the application allow you to do?

  • Import and use your company’s organization data
  • Analyze your company’s organization data

What Is Organizational Data Analysis?

It is a fundamental Charge Management process that organizes and analyzes basic organization resource information so that change managers and senior executives can accelerate Stakeholder Analysis, Change Impact Analysis, Communication Planning, and Training Design and Course Development. Change managers and senior executives need to be able to segment and evaluate stakeholder Organization Data, for training, role mapping and communication purposes.

Why Is Organizational Data Analysis Important?

As people join and leave the company, Organization Data accuracy is very important because change managers and senior executives need a single source of truth for changes that might include employee titles, managers, and location.

Organization Data conveys to change managers and senior executives the number of people that are impacted, where they are, who they report to in the organization, what department are they in and what their roles are in the organization. To improve productivity, it must be current and well-organized.

How to Do a Organizational Data Analysis

Export the information from an Organization HR IT system, import into jTask Pulse and then analyze it for change management use.


  1. Identify information that is needed from HR IT.
  2. Prepare list
    • Employee ID
    • Employee Corporate Login
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
    • Level 1 Manager
    • Level 1 Manager ID
    • Title
    • Department
    • Location
    • Country
  3. Organize data into categories for easy transfer to change management processes

Practice Notes

No HR personal data needs to be collected at any time. No personal details, passwords, Government IDS, SSN, Credit Card, employee performance, or salary details are ever loaded in jTask Pulse.

The Organization Data collected is of business processes and design strategies for change management training development, stakeholder analysis, communication and stakeholder engagement.